Software Training

We reach out to the institutions to facilitate wide range of technology training solutions for various standards and groups of students. We organize scheduled training programs in Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges and other technology focused institutions. We work closely with the faculty of computer sciences, Informational Technology and Computer Applications to get the right alignment with the syllabi and the programs we offer. We shall have formal association with the Placements department to methodically participate in the placement process. In tune with the placement priorities, we design distinctive courses including certification, behavioral and soft skills coaching.

When we organize programs on campus, we adhere to the global norms and protocols specified by the technology partners to ensure the training facilitating certification simultaneously. The student groups we train on campus continue to be associated with Sennovate Infotech Solutions for future course of excellence and career counseling.

We provide scheduled and systematic training throughout the year for students and job seekers. We will thoroughly evaluate technological maturity, caliber and inclination to any technology platform and put them through instructor lead hands on training. Enough time for lab practice and instructor monitored evaluations during periodic interims would help the students gain confidence and comfort on that technology platforms. During the process of center training, we would help students to clasp corporate kind of working environment. Eventually, we train and mentor our students to participate in group interviews, discussions and technical round of interviews. It’s always like standing by our students till they gain confidence to make up their careers in their desired turf of IT.

Apart from students, we have specially designed career programs for jobseekers and those could not make it to the campus placements. Such students are given special crash courses in specific platform which will help them to find jobs with better prospects. We continue to stand by such students to upgrade their skills on a regular basis to help them grow in their careers.

Inplant training essentially provides regular students to gain first hand exposure to the industry with their best practices at work. We believe that it is always important for anybody attempting great careers in IT to obtain Inplant training. There would be many scenarios to take lessons from and many a times students relate to such scenarios in the future once after achieving careers. Inplant training gives a long term perspective on technology and helps the students to set their career objectives based on their proficiency and preference.

Workshops & Seminars will always ensure the students develop subject knowledge with a perspective of sharing and evaluating facts. Sennovate Infotech Solutions has been a very lively organizer of relevant seminars on various happening themes and topics across the globe. The actual benefit of participating in such seminars and workshops would be reflected during the campus interview as many of the corporate houses would appreciate industry relevant exposure on the trending concepts. In IT, the relevance of workshops would be more evident as the trends in any technology are known to be dynamic and ever changing.

Workshops & Seminars are further beneficial in inspiring confidence in students as they will help them to have a real-time experience with the latest technology. They will also be favorable in understanding the corporate culture and expectations from the Industry. Knowledge sharing and expert advice on futuristic technology patterns is what Sennovate Infotech Solutions is committed to and we shall extend our expertise through every seminar we organize.

Career Development

Soft skills development

At Sennovate Infotech Solutions we have an inclusive focus towards career development. Overall development in terms of sound academics, technology exposure and confident nature would ensure great careers for students. Today, global IT market is looking for young talents to be transformed as leaders in the future. Students need sophisticated communication skills which are pleasant and professional to catch up with the expectations of technology majors. Communication skills or soft skills would complete the learning process in the quest for IT careers and students confident in communication are best preferred by the recruiters. In order to prepare students for such challenges during the recruitment process, Sennovate Infotech Solutions engages experts in communication with comprehensive knowledge about IT careers. We would take students through an intensive soft skills development program, bringing career opportunities closer on campus.

Behavioral Skills

Behavior is directly related and referred to personality. There are few aspects like consistency, emotional quotient and body language that will enhance one’s personality. It’s important for students preparing for campus interview or open careers to practice and attain the desired personality expected by corporate houses. Many best practices and widespread exercises are being introduced by behavioral experts. At Sennovate Infotech Solutions we evaluate best methods of training and offer a very simplistic methodology of behavioral training. Behavioral aspects are treated as the most significant criteria in recruiting fresh graduates as the project environment in the real time would be more dependent on the professional behavior and the personality. Such aspects would be scrutinized during the group discussion and psychometric tests. Sennovate Infotech Solutions expert trainers would guide students in confidently approaching these crucial phases of interview and the behavioral training remains the fundamental phase in interview preparation.

Industry Exposure

Industry Exposure Programs distinguish Sennovate Infotech Solutions approach towards IT training and careers. It’s been a time tested norm that careers are made over exposure. We have many scenarios in India where technology training institutions are established in locations where there isn’t much of an industrial presence. In spite of being best in formal education, students from these institutions would face slog in joining reputed companies as fresh graduates. Such scenarios would even influence campus recruitments. Sennovate Infotech Solutions would involve with such institutions to help students achieve ample exposure through industry visits and interacting with industry experts. We even facilitate lively class room interactions with industry leaders so as to help students gain adequate exposure and succeed in IT careers.