About Us

Sennovate Infotech Solutions is an admired technology and recruitment solutions provider with sound IT project management expertise. Being conceptualized by IT experts with over a decade of technology and development exposure in the global markets, Sennovate Infotech Solutions is one of the best in class training solutions providers offering advanced career development programs with industrial exposure.

Sennovate Infotech Solutions is known for its enterprising agility and approach towards creating newer concepts and exploring real time opportunities in IT industry. Sennovate Infotech Solutions has been emerging as a world class institution which has fronted the outlook and business models for the most advanced, game changing concepts like Cloud Computing. Always been a frontrunner in the arena of service innovation which is an obvious reflection on the technology training solutions. The training programs are absolutely focused towards developing students to aspire for challenging careers.

Our global exposure and the earnest concern to bridge the institutions with the industry, where by facilitating 'ready to recruit' professionals keeps Sennovate Infotech Solutions focused in extending our innovation towards creating careers in IT. By means of designing career programs, we facilitate parallel certification programs on campus and off campus for students. Technology focused institutes (Engineering Colleges) could witness Sea change in their recruitment results because of certification and career development programs.

Headquartered and with an established corporate house at Salem, Sennovate Infotech Solutions facilitates advanced technology training for young Engineers aspiring for best career. We engage certified, trained and experienced professionals from highly placed Industry segments to offer instructor lead hands on training which would replicate a real time project environment. Our motto is to prepare students to take up global careers participating in the most advanced technology projects. This ideology would continue to inspire our team which always exhibits great deal of enthusiasm during any training program.